I have always loved being around the ocean.  At 14, I began to surf and the bug bit bad.  I spent all my time thinking about the beach, drawing waves and or finding ways to go surfing.  It hasn’t changed. Today, after 40 years as a surfer, I’m still a stoked grommet.

I’ve been fortunate to travel the world surfing and have surfed some of the best waves on the planet. I found my Tribe of Surfers strewn across the Globe too.  But it’s not just about surfing. I have found other passions around my love of water, and one of them is Stand Up Paddle boarding.

About Coaching

South Africa- I have never had a surf lesson, but in 2003, while living in South Africa, a friend literally dumped a Surf school into lap. I had no clue what it involved but started the Son Surf school in the Strand, Cape Town. Taking on a business partner Mikhail, we worked hard saw it grow over the next 9 years- stoked to introduce many people to Surfing through lessons and coaching. That Surf school still is doing that today, 20 years later.

West Australia- In 2011, my family and I came to Australia. Over the next 4 years we worked in the community, part of which included starting and running a surf school. We built it up in Perth’s Northern suburbs and had a lot of fun and surf time in the process. During that time, we partnered with Ocean Critters and started running SUP Lessons at Mindarie Marina. That included fitness lessons and it took off. I loved coaching SUP’s and we ran that until 2015 when we came to work in Busselton, the place we now call home. 

Covid kicked and I had a few ‘therapists’ during that time of insanity and uncertainty. My spirituality, family, Labrador, surfing and my Stand Up Paddle board helped me process what was going on around in the world and within my own world. Since then, I have come to a career junction in my life and my desire is to get back to the beach, back to coaching and of course back on board. Busselton doesn’t have waves, but it has the magical North facing Geographe bay; an idyllic environment to help get others on board. 

I believe we have one shot at life and I would hope that SUP Life Busselton will be able to serve the community we love and to help others find their life balance and fullness on board these amazing, simple craft.

So, we invite you to get outdoors, step onto the water and come paddle with us. Who knows what you may find out there.